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A DoorDash order from Brick, NJ to White Rock, British Columbia …

It was early fall and I was in the midst of being addicted to door dashing. Although the money wasn’t great, it was something different than the norm. My phone pinged, sending me to pick up an order from Rosalita’s Roadside Cantina. Little did I know, that a such a simple order would lead me to the western shores of British Columbia.

First we need to backtrack to 2018, when my niece had gifted me for christmas a drawing of a brittle starfish. Along with the drawing it read:

“Brittle Stars: Teaches how to maneuver delicately and successfully in any situation. This creature is very agile and extremely strong. Brittle Star has amazing regenerative properties with an indication of coming back stronger and more abundant. If he comes to you, something in your life may take a year to regenerate, but when it does, it will be better and more abundant. He shows how emotions can help propel you forward by tenacity and determination with slow and steady movements. It is a time to keep intuitions sharp and your outer shell hard. The wisdom of Brittle Stars aids in stregthening your resolve by the wisdom of emotions and your own inner fortitude and strength.”

I was two years out of break-up and my life was seemingly spinning endlessly into no where. Much like many of the words that were finding me at the time, the words above had meant especially a lot.

2019 would lead me on an eight week adventure across the United States. Having taken along the sketch, the intention was to have the tattoo inked on me at some point. As with many things in life, time seemed to rapidly slip away. 

So here we are autumn 2019. I’m dashing around town and my phone pings. I accept the order thinking it’s just another delivery. Much to my surprise, the food I had picked up was going to a tattoo shop that I frequently have had work done at in the past. In I walk and make the delivery to an attractive young girl. It was close to Halloween and I had been wanting to get some work done on a horror themed piece that had been laying dormant on the side of my body for some time. I inquired about her availabilty, but she was only in town for a few more days. Turns out she was just visiting and on her way back to White Rock, British Columbia. 

That’s when the light bulb went off. Mentioning how I’d be out west early in the winter, she told me to reach out to her if I wanted to get some work done. January 2020, I was to turn 40 and I thought to myself what better time to have my niece’s sketch tattooed onto me. I reached out to Lacy Jean and well the rest was history.

Since I already was going to be in California and being the spontaneous little adventurer that I am, I decided to reserve a train ticket that would have me going from San Diego, California with a destination of Vancouver, British Columbia. You can read more about that adventure here: Disconnecting with fear, by connecting on the rails.

The day of my session had finally arrived and as I sat in the chair anxiously awaiting the first jab of the needle, I thought to myself, “I can’t wait for this to be over.” After three hours of inkwork, as well as deep and heartfelt conversations, I had to tap out. The pain just got to be too much. No amount of skittles or Lamb of God could push me any further. Between all of the traveling and the pesky cold that was soon to set in, energetically I was completely drained. 

Lucky for me, Lacy had mentioned that she’d be returning to New Jersey at the end of May, so we both agreed we could just finish it up then. 

Life has a funny way of bringing people together. I choose to look at life, as a choose your own adventure tale. We are so blessed to have so many opportunites thrown in our direction. One simple shift, is all it takes to totally change the trajectory of your life. Ok, so this wasn’t some life changing altering moment, but we both gained a friendship. One had I not made the simple decision to just inquire, would never have occured.

As December began to creep in, I was beginning to tire of doordashing. I was getting anxious and antsy with the very thought of doing it. Was my short time door dashing supposed to lead me to White Rock, or was it just a filler to make some extra money? I don’t have the answer to that! But what I can say, is that I never thought a simple door dash order, would lead me to the other side of the country. 

Thank you Riley, for such a thoughtful gift and thank you Lacey for being so kind, so patient, sharing your art and lending a listening ear, to this traveling boy.

My final thought, don’t EVER be afraid to take the giant leap, for you never know where it may lead.

As always, thanks for reading and get out there to wander more!


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