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Wandering For Words : Volume 1

“When you finally decide, the fog will lift. The clearing will open toward a new lens and lanscape. Deciding paves way for fresh space to pour through.”

Victoria Erickson
Author, Edge of Wonder

As spring tightens her grip on all things anew, I release a gift from my heart to yours. The content within the book wasn’t what I had originally intended to publish, but the river of life sort of steered me in that direction. Its been a long, frustrating and sometimes tiresome road, but all signs have led me to now. I can proudly look back at yesterday and thank everyone for all the hurt and betrayal that was tossed my way over the passing years. Without it, I wouldn’t be here on these early days of spring, enjoying my rebirth from once what was, to now what is.

I have two versions of the book available for purchase. A paperback edtion can be purchased on Amazon: Wandering For Words. The book is also available on the Barnes and Noble website. There is also a 10×8 hardcover edition which can be purchased at The paperback version will also be available in my storefront, for a discounted price. Fow now, only 25 copies of those will be available.

Wandering For Words is a collection of words, thoughts, pictures and poetry. Essentially pieces of my heart and soul. I’d forever be indebted if you could help spread the word on this book, as I’m going the untraditional route of self promotion. In time, I trust these words will find there way to those who need them the most. In the meantime, life continues on as I graciously transition from my old world, to a new one.

One wing out, while the other continues to expand.

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