When you’re someone who is trying to balance two worlds (the “real” world, with the real world), what is one to do when they make their way over to the French Quarter in New Orleans?

Booming music, huge ass beer cups, walking zombies, pretty much everything I expected to see on Bourbon Street. The one thing I hadn’t been expecting, was all the history that still lines the streets. Take for example Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, the old stomping ground of pirate Jean Laffite. Apparently built in the early 1700’s it still radiates most of its charm, even with frozen cocktail machines spinning behind the bar. Legend has it, Laffite still haunts the shop today.

If you’re like me and vibe with historic places, book your stay at The Olivier House. A few steps down from Bourbon Street, yet far enough away to silence the noise. Built in 1839 as a house for Madam Olivier, the history still bleeds from the walls.

Need a break from the madness on Bourbon, begin to make your way toward Decatur St.

You may just stumble across a quiet bar called the The Copper Monkey, where a sweet bartender provides you with impeccable sevice. A California girl, with southern hospitality!

You can find street acts such as a man with a puppet called, @ziggyandthejunkyardband singing House of the Rising Sun, or a dog named Robin who collects dollar bills for her singing companion. If you’re so inclined, you can stop by the young man and woman playing a banjo and accordion. Ask them what their story is, instead of blindly walking by. You’d be surpirsed to find out what others are up to. 

The perfect detox soultion following a few days spent in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is to head over to Polite Society, where you can sit in a sauna for 30 mins under illuminated lights.

I chose the green light, which provided anti-infectious, anti-septic and regenerative stimulation. Don’t read too much into that selection, I didn’t get that crazy, but I definately needed the quick reset. If you’re seeking some peace of mind after a few late nights of indulging in old ways, I’d suggest nothing more than stopping by and booking an appointment.

I left New Orleans for the most part, feeling OK. I kept my diet in shape the best I could, drank plenty of water, was in bed no later than 11 pm, and managed to keep myself out of environments that normally would cause me sensory overload.

If collecting beads, sitting in Fat Tuesday, and being loud and crude is your thing, more power to you, I’m just not in that space anymore. As much as I like to indulge in what some would call low vibe activities, I also know when, where and how to balance all of it now. It takes time, it takes practice, it takes many nights of actually reverting back to old ways, but if you’re patient, disciplined and mindful, those old ways that used to bring you some joy, can seemlessly transition into your new ways of feeling alive. 

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