this place
this sacred place
where the outside world
no longer exists
no tv
no electric
no running water
oil lamps to light
wood burning stove top to warm
i’m somewhere
deep in the woods
not ready to be found …


What is it about Vermont that calls me home?

Is it the mountains, the spacious vallies, the open roads, or the quaint villages that remind me of a simpler time. Some days we need a reset, something that brings us back to yesterdays, and a quick trip to Vermont can be the optimal solution to satisy that need. If you’ve never heard of Sharon, VT, well now you have a reason to.

A few minutes off of Interstate 89, buried deep into the woods of Sharon, lies a sanctuary for those looking to re-connect with their inner being. At times we take for granted our modern amenities. Running water, electricity, a furnace system that can tell us when it gets too hot or too cold. Throw me into a situation where we are left to get by with only our basic needs, and that’s where I thrive. There’s something internally that rings, everytime I take a brief step, back into time. You’d be surprised at what you can do, when forced to get by with the bare minimum. Would I be willing to give everything up just to live this way %100 of the time, absolutely not, however there is an art to balancing the old with the new. It’s an art that not only keeps me centered, but an art that keeps me feeling alive.

The green mountain state, also offers a variety of opportunities for old souls like myself to be mindful and present.

Search through Air B&B and you’re bound to find lodging ranging from luxury ski slope side villas, to rustic cabins nestled deep in the woods. You can quickly travel down highway lanes, or slowly meander along backcountry roads. You can hike, moutain bike, snow shoe, ski or horseback ride. Name any outdoor adventure, and you’re almost guarenteed to be presented with the opportunity to do so. Want to combine the indoor with the outdoor, try to navigate one of the many brewing trails hosted by the Vermont Brewers Association.

What else about Vermont sings to my soul?

The outdoor playground presented at your footstep. Wander through miles of trails, to discover the treasures that the forest keeps. Sweeping mountain top vista’s, tranquil flowing waterfalls, or if you’re lucky enough to see, bobcat tracks marked freshly in the snow.

If you’re an old soul like myself, there’s no better place to visit than Vermont. A place not only to connect spiritually, but physically as well.

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