If you happend to read my first post, I metioned that I had opened an account on Patreon. I had also mentioned that I would be following up soon, as to what Patreon was.

I had just started to write a blog yesterday explaining the concept behind it, when I remembered a conversation I shared with a friend of mine a few nights earlier. He mentioned there was some sort of controversy surrounding the site, but I let the comment pass over me. My thought process was, whatever is going on with them doesn’t really pertain to me.

After doing a little investigation, I decided to pull the plug on the Patreon project.

Long story short, they began banning individuals over certain comments being made. If your promoting your site to be a place for creative minds to offer their work, than why are you banning said people for speaking their creative minds? If you google Patreon controversy, you can read much more about it. I don’t have the time or patience to write in detail about what’s going on, nor do I really care.

Freedom of speech is an interesting debate. On one hand I believe everyone has the right to speak their mind, but on the other, I also believe there is a time and place to choose your words wisely. There’s that balance again. I wasn’t making a stand by deleting my account, but personally, I just didn’t want to be involved with a site that is in the midst of a controversy.

My words didn’t belong over there anyways, they belong here!

What are your thoughts? Should we be able to express anything we want, or is there a certain point where we just need to keep it behind closed doors?

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